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Dentistry Hellas Dental is located in the very center of Odessa. If you are looking for dentistry where you and your family can get all the necessary aspects of oral care, welcome to Hellas Dental.

Health and Beauty Culture

Hellas – the ancient Greeks gave such a name to their country – Greece.

The name of the Hellas Dental clinic does not accidentally contain this word, because it was Ancient Greece that became the place of origin of modern concepts about beauty and a culture of health.

The specialists of our clinic fully share these values ​​of hygiene, health, beauty and aesthetics. Our main goal is a harmonious combination of ancient traditions with modern methods of care and treatment.

To date, dentistry has a lot of possibilities. Modern technologies can make any treatment painless and comfortable.


Hellas Dental Clinic specialists are working to make the technology of the future a reality! We try to introduce the latest treatment methods first. Hellas Dental is a team of top-level professionals, doctors who never stop in professional development and learn new technologies. That is why the whole range of dental services is available in our clinic. Hellas Dental combines the most modern technology, treatment methods, equipment and professionalism of employees! That is why our clinic is recognized as one of the most modern clinics in the whole country.

Clinic specialists are actively involved in the work of the following national communities and organizations:

  • Club of implantologists of Ukraine
  • Association of Hospitals of Ukraine
  • Association of Greek Enterprises and Entrepreneurs in Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Endodontic Community

Hellas Dental Dental Clinic guarantees an individual approach to each patient, understanding their desires, problems and expectations. We strive to provide services that are fully consistent with the patient’s vision of the results. An individual approach at Hellas Dental involves communicating with professionals who help everyone to achieve the desired results. There is no place for discomfort and stress. Thanks to constant communication throughout the treatment, Hellas Dental specialists find out what result the patient wants to achieve and offer him the most optimal treatment option.

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Special atmosphere

Hellas Dental Dental Clinic in Odessa has a special atmosphere that is credible and helps patients relax. Our experts are able to convey the essence of the problem, talk about plans to eliminate it and give detailed recommendations about home care. We work with joy, never forget politeness and attentiveness!
Each dentist at Hellas Dental has deep knowledge and all the necessary skills in his field. We constantly strive to learn new things and improve our professional level, never stopping at what has been achieved.

Dental Clinic Odessa Hellas Dental can provide assistance to a patient from any country, which allows knowledge of foreign languages. We easily create a comfortable environment for any patient. It is pleasant and easy to work with us!
Dentistry Odessa Hellas Dental has a close-knit team of professionals who know and clearly fulfill their duties. Each team member knows his role, and this allows us to achieve the best results! We trust the professionalism of our colleagues and always listen to their opinions. Each specialist of the clinic is ready, if necessary, to help his colleague. Controversial issues are always resolved with management, and never in the presence of the patient. There are not only doctors here – every employee works in compliance with the standards and professional requirements adopted in world-class clinics!

We are constantly improving

Dentistry in Odessa is developing rapidly, and the Hellas Dental clinic strives to be the first among the highest level of dentistry. As for our material base, it is regularly updated with the best new products and the latest achievements in the field of dentistry. We create all conditions in order to increase the professional level of employees and expand our presence in the dental services market. As soon as we learn about the emergence of new technologies – we introduce them first!

Treatment at the Hellas Dental Clinic will be easy, comfortable and painless! In our clinic, not only the work of doctors, but also the entire staff meets the highest standards that are accepted in the most famous clinics in the world. Only here you can cure your teeth conveniently, comfortably and easily, getting the result you were counting on! We will make every effort to ensure that your smile is healthy and beautiful!

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