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This technology dates back to the 1930s, when polymeric plates were installed on the teeth of Hollywood actors for the shooting duration – in fact, they were just a makeup constituent. Today dental veneers are one of the most efficient solutions in aesthetic dentistry; they allow to achieve incredible results in teeth restoration.

In brief, the dental veneer installation is carried out as follows: a prefabricated porcelain plate is fixed on the pre-treated tooth surface with a super-strong adhesive material.

Spotting and blurring never occurs on dental veneers, as porcelain is resistant to food colorants. Our clinic recommends dental veneers because of their numerous advantages:

  • absolutely safe for health;
  • deformation-proof;
  • indistinguishable from natural teeth in appearance;
  • wear-resistant and durable.

The most common veneer type is an almost flat plate to be fixed on the front surface of the tooth. Such a veneer is called incomplete. You can also install cap-like (complete) veneers that cover the teeth; in this case, they prevent tooth damage, performing the role of regular dental crowns.

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Veneers are usually installed on the “smile line” teeth: 10 upper front and 8 lower front teeth. As a rule, dental veneers aren’t installed on the grinder teeth. Of course, the cost includes only the front teeth veneers in this case.

Such a restoration type gives your teeth a natural and healthy appearance, which is why installing veneers on teeth is the dentists’ recommendation. The cost of veneer restoration is often lower in comparison with other dental rehabilitation methods.

How much do veneers cost? You might think the price of veneers is high and this solution is available only to Hollywood actors – but it’s not true. Nowadays veneers are fairly affordable for most average-income patients that dream of having a snow-while smile.

The grounds to veneers installation are:

  • changes in the color of the tooth, including due to caries;
  • tooth cracks;
  • irregularly shaped teeth;
  • diastemas – increased spaces between teeth;
  • non-carious defects of the adamantine substance;
  • increased dental abrasion. It’s a direct ground for dental veneer installation. Most likely, their installation cost will be lower as compared to other restoration methods.

Ceramic Veneers

Veneers of this type are manufactured either by layering the porcelain mass, or through its high-pressure compression. Both methods produce high-quality ceramic veneers. The cost of one tooth (veneer) is approximately the same for these methods.

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers may be created directly in the patient’s oral cavity, and with this manufacture method, the dental veneers price often declines in comparison with ceramic veneers.

As a rule, this method is resorted to when it’s necessary to disguise defects in one or several teeth – such as or a chipping or a crack.


The veneer price in Hellas Dental starts from 260 GBP for a unit. This includes anesthesia, medical manipulations, manufacture and installation of a temporary veneer; manufacture and installation of the permanent veneer.

What do I need to do to have veneers installed?

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