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Contrary to popular belief that bite correction is only possible in adolescence, today’s dentists have been successfully using modern orthodontic methods to treat adult patients and correct their sets of teeth.

Unfortunately, one more common belief (that is definitely wrong) is that the only reason to go to a dentist is an acute toothache, and by no means such “small stuff” as a malocclusion (teeth irregular location). Moreover, such jaw and tooth anomalies can provoke numerous health problems, such as:

  • teeth untimely abrasion caused by unbalanced load distribution on particular teeth,
  • diction and articulation problems,
  • orthopedic constructions breaking,
  • headaches,
  • aesthetic problems, such as wrinkles and skin folds.

As a rule, a regular patient can’t diagnose himself precisely, that’s why it’s extremely important to immediately address a qualified dentist in case of any suspicions on malocclusion. Moreover, it should be done even in case there are no visible orthodontic problems.

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Jaw & Bite problems treatment abroad

Modern dentistry offers a few methods of malocclusion treatment, that can solve any problems. Your orthodontist will pick up the most suitable brackets, trainers, aligners or mouth guards for you. In cases of early treatment for malocclusion you will just have to do a complex of preventive exercises.

One of the most effective and popular methods of deep bite treatment today is brackets installation. These orthodontic devices can be produce from a wide range of materials, so it makes the treatment affordable for all the patients, with various amounts of financial means. Among such substances are artificial translucent sapphires, precious metals, ceramics, or cheap surgical steel.

Many European citizens know, that Ukrainian dental clinics offer cheap orthodontics abroad. So that’s why they regularly address Hellas Dental clinic in search of quality malocclusion treatment. A professional orthodontist will provide a patient with the most suitable and modern brackets, that will be capable of correcting his bite as soon as possible.

What about methods of orthodontics, Ukraine can offer some effective ways of malocclusion treatment without a tooth removal.  Hellas Dental clinic’s specialists will help you choose the most suitable trainers or aligners. We would like to remind all our foreign patients that we offer a very special cost of orthodontic overseas! It’s affordable for most of the patients.

If you want to get all the information about the prices or are interested in getting orthodontics abroad, feel free to call Hellas Dental clinic by the number +38 048 734 00 43 or contact us via feedback online-form.

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