Implants have been quite recently used in dentistry due to their effectiveness and longevity they are more and more often applied at prosthetics:

  • Implant with a crown by its characteristics is no different from a natural tooth.
  • Implants can be used to replace any teeth or group of teeth with all possible defects. Dental Implants in Ukraine

From now on even a total loss of a tooth can be reversible: all you need is an implant! Hellas Dental clinic offers dental implants in Ukraine at a price of removable prostheses.

If you replace missing teeth with implants you will be able to chew food more carefully, so your gastrointestinal tract will work better that makes you feel better and happier. And this is all due to an implant set up on time. As a rule, implant price pays off very soon.

Like a natural tooth, an implant transmits chewing load. So it’s one of just a few methods to prevent jaw bones from atrophy.

Sometimes just a single treatment session in our clinic can include all the necessary procedures: tooth removal, implant setting and making a crown. In other words, you can have your implant teeth in just a few hours! In this case your dental implant costs no more than a common prosthesis.

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How do we set up teeth implants in Odessa, Ukraine

If you are ready for a treatment, one of the Hellas Dental orthopedists will carefully examine your oral cavity to make conclusions about which methods of teeth and jaws treatment will be necessarily done. This is extremely important because if you want to set up a quality dental implant (abroad or in Ukraine) your oral cavity should be totally sane.

As soon as examination is done you will know the price of your implant. Many patients come to Hellas Dental clinic every day, both ukrainians and foreigners, the last of which know quite well that prices for teeth implants abroad are much higher than in Odessa. For them Hellas Dental clinic is an option to set affordable dental implants abroad. We offer you implants from the worlds’ most well-known brands, such as Straumann and MIS.
After the whole treatment is finished our dentist will diagnose your general health and prescribe you’re a professional hygienic course.
So, what does the process of implanting include? In general, it’s an implantation of a crown into a bone tissue. Any pain is excluded due to the latest anesthetic methods used.
Implant’s cohesion with a jaw bone lasts from 3 to 6 months. To make this period more comfortable for a patient we recommend to use a removable prosthesis.
The next step is implant’s growing when a dentist sets up a gum-former that a patient should wear for up to 2 weeks.
The final part includes setting up a “support leg” and a crown, that will be specified depending on your teeth shape and color.

How much do implants cost?

Dental implants abroad cost much more than in Ukraine. That’s why Hellas Dental Clinic in Odessa is everything you need to be professionally diagnosed, and then set an implant with no pain! Our prices include all the necessary materials and procedures, among which is anesthesia, surgical manipulations and the cost of an implant itself, and start from 480 GBP.
As far as it’s almost impossible to find cheap dental implants abroad, so we will be glad to welcome our foreign patients at the clinic. Here you can make an appointment with our dentist and have a complete examination to be prepared for the implantation.
All you need to do is to call Hellas Dental clinic by number +38 048 734 00 43 or fill in the feedback form on our web-page.