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Such environmental factors as cold air, chemical elements and microorganisms often provoke different oral cavity diseases. All its’ parts including mucous membrane, teeth and gums.
Unfortunately, almost all adult population to a certain extent are exposed to dental diseases. That is why hard to underestimate the importance of exact and modern diagnostics of the dental diseases.
In the Hellas Dental Clinic dental diagnostics is done with the most modern equipment, that is absolutely safe for patients and at the same time extremely informative for the dentists:

  • 3D computer tomograph SkyView (MyRay, Italy)
  • DSD (USA) — the system for computer modelling of smile
  • CADIAX® diagnostic (Austria).

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Diagnosis of oral cavity price Ukraine

Complex computer diagnostics of oral cavity current state can provide the fullest information about dental and gums diseases. 3D-tomograph, designed especially for the dentists, is able to provide all the necessary information concerning treatment or prosthetics.
3D-diagnosis for prosthetics is one of the most sought after diagnostic procedures. Every patient of Hellas Dental clinic can be provided by the doctor’s special appointment.

Functional diagnosis of dental health

During functional diagnostics dentists get information about jaw knuckle functioning, chewing muscles state and the type of bite. If done on tie, it helps to make a right decision about the methods of the bite adjustment.

Cost of diagnostics teeth in Ukraine

Tooth diagnostics with a Visiograph in Odessa (or, in other words, with a 3D-tomograph) is quite affordable (for example, in the Hellas Dental clinic it costs just 700 hrivnas. As far as the other diagnostical methods are concerned, you are kindly asked to consult with out dentists. You are welcome to make an appointment with our doctor with the help of our web-page feedback form or by calling +38 048 734 00 43.