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Effective diagnosis and treatment planning

Thanks to the diagnostics carried out using the most modern equipment – 3D SkyView computer tomograph and CADIAX® diagnostic, the clinic doctor receives the most complete information about the condition of the maxillofacial system and is able to quickly prepare detailed treatment recommendations.

Before prescribing treatment, the doctor conducts a consultation, during which all medical procedures are discussed with the patient and a detailed plan is drawn up, indicating the required dates of the clinic visit and ongoing work. In addition, the plan indicates what care is needed after treatment.

Comfort, painlessness and safety of procedures

As soon as such an examination is carried out, the cost of the tooth implant is determined, and the required medical procedures are completed, the doctor will perform a general diagnosis of your health condition and prescribe a complex of professional hygiene. At the conclusion of the preparations, a suitable implant and other required materials will be selected. At Hellas Dental, implants from the world famous manufacturer Straumann will be offered to you.

The actual process of implantation is to install an implant in the bone tissue of the jaw. In this case, pain is excluded due to the use of the most modern anesthesia.

The implant fusion with the jaw bone occurs over the next three to six months. In order to make the patient more comfortable going through this stage, we recommend installing a temporary prosthesis.

Prices do not include special offers.

Radiography (before and after)
10 USD
Radiography (before and after)
10 USD
CBCT - computed tomography
30 USD
Implant Installation Operation
150 USD

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