Fixed Restoration


Dentures can be removable, fixed, or non-fixed. This article will inform you about fixed denture, which the patient is unable to remove without a dentist’s assistance. This dental prosthesis type includes:

  • Dental crowns installed on natural teeth and implants. Even though dental crowns in Odessa are installed by virtually every dentist, it’s still difficult to find a clinic that can install tooth crowns in compliance with the European and American treatment regimens. Hellas Dental is an exception; here, every employee does their work in accordance with the standards and professional requirements adopted in world-class clinics.
  • Bridge restoration. The affordable cost is often the main factor in opting for a prosthetic bridge.
  • Micro-prosthetics: dental veneers and build-ups.

Dental Crown

As to the manufacturing technology, molar and incisor tooth crowns are fairly similar in design; correspondingly, the cost of a dental crown from the same material is comparable in both cases. However, if their manufacture involves non-standard, semiprecious and precious materials, the price of the dental crown can differ significantly from the average; moreover, it needs to be calculated individually for each and every tooth. Based on the diagnostics results and the patient’s wishes, the Hellas Dental restorative clinicians install crowns from various materials, including:

  • porcelain fused metal (PFM) tooth crowns based on a range of materials:
    • biogold and other precious materials;
    • most semi-precious metals recommended for use in dentistry;
    • cobalt-chromium;
    • gold-spattered steel;
    • steel.
  • metal-free zirconium dioxide ceramic crowns;
  • E.MAX ceramic press system crowns;
  • metal-free lithium disilicate ceramic crowns, which will be indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

As a rule, you will need to visit the clinic three times to install a tooth crown. During your appointments, the restoration clinician will remove the pulp and install a special inlay in the newly-formed cavity; after tooth facing, the dental crown will be installed.

Porcelain tooth crowns may be recommended for the best cosmetic effect, as well as to patients allergic to metals. Only an experienced professional dentist will be able to distinguish such a dental crown from your natural teeth.

Most problems of our patients – both aesthetic and functional – can be solved with porcelain fused metal (PFM) tooth crowns. The cost of this solution is fairly affordable for most patients, be it installed on an implant or a natural tooth.

Bridge Restoration

Despite its drawbacks, this dental prosthetics type is still popular, as in some cases the cost of dental bridges is lower in comparison with other solutions. For example, a resin-bonded bridge installed on two teeth can cost less than the installation of an implant and two dental crowns, although it performs the same functions.

Is Fixed Restoration Price Justified?

The cost of a porcelain tooth crown depends on a large number of factors: the required treatment, the used material, the way of installation. The price – including anesthesia, medical manipulations, manufacture and installation of a temporary crown; manufacture and installation of the permanent crown – starts at 278 GBP.

You can receive a precise diagnosis, find out your treatment options and how much a tooth crown costs by arranging an appointment with one of our restoration clinicians at +38 048 734 00 43, or by filling in the contact form on the website.

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