Malocclusion in adults


Ukrainian dentists have just started using the latest achievements of orthodontics, while malocclusion in adults and orthognathic surgery abroad have become quite ordinary a hundred years ago. As a result, most of today’s Hellas Dental patients who visit our orthodontists are those who couldn’t have had qualified orthodontic help in their childhood.
Treatment of orthodontic disorders in adults is installing brackets. However, malocclusion in kids and adults is possible without them, as well. Among other methods are treatment with aligners, trainers or plates. In some particular difficult cases surgery can be prescribed.

Treatment for malocclusion in adults: what’s special

Hellas Dental specialists firmly believe that malocclusion should be started as soon as possible, even before baby’s jaw bones are completely formed. Modern orthodontics, however, gives every adult patient a chance to have straight and healthy sets of teeth.
In most cases of malocclusion, adults are treated with brackets. You’d keep in mind, though, that it’s quite a long process, so you’d better choose metal brackets rather than sapphire or ceramic, as they are less fragile.

What types of malocclusion can orthodontic braces for adults fix?

According to our orthodontists’ rich experience, it’s quite hard to get an adult patient’s agreement for a surgical malocclusion, while wearing kappsa, trainers or plates requires high rate of self-organization. In such conditions the best option is to install brackets.
So, which pathologies can be treated with the help of permanent braces? Practice shows that using brackets gives good results in such situations, as:

  • mesial bite – in some cases, though, braces should be combined with some surgery and particular teeth removal.
  • When down jaw bones stop growing, one of the few possible ways for grown-ups to correct distal bite is installing braces.
  • Deep bite correction in adults is done either with plates or system of braces.
  • Perhaps, the most complicated pathology to be treated is open bite. Brackets in such cases are the most effective method of treatment.
  • Adjusting jaw’s sizes with the help of braces is just one of the parts of complex treatment for cross-bite in adulst. Besides brackets, this therapy includes other kinds of orthodontic treatment.

Cost of braces for adults and other malocclusion treatment prices at the Hellas Dental clinic

Of course, there isn’t any universal treatment for all cases of malocclusion, so there can’t be any fixed prices for such a treatment offered to each patient. The price depends on its difficulty.
Wearing braces is quite a long-term procedure that requires high qualification of a dentist holding the treatment. Hellas Dental’s price starts from 480 GBP and is to be defined individually.
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