Low Cost lumineers of the highest quality from the Hellas Dental clinic


Lumineers are the slightest ceramic plates to be installed on the front surface of teeth in so-called “smile zone”. Their main advantage is that there’s no need in grinding teeth, because lumineers are very thin – just 0.3 mm! That’s why lumineers can be set on teeth without any pretreatment. Numerous tests confirm that, despite being so thin, they are just as good as vineers. Yet, cost of lumineers abroad and in Ukraine is quite affordable for many of those who would like to have a white smile as soon as possible.
Premium quality lumineers abroad are much more expensive than here, in Ukraine. At the Hellas Dental clinic you can try all the advantages of lumineers:

  • no need in grinding teeth,
  • it takes just a pair of visits to our clinic to get you lumineers,
  • no need in anesthesia – the entire process is absolutely painless,
  • no need in any temporary removable constructions while waiting for your lumineers to be ready,
  • unlike other kinds of teeth restoration, lumineers don’t change their color with time.

When is it necessary to install lumineers

At the Hellas Dental clinic you can get cheap lumineers of the highest quality, in case of one of these tooth problems and symptoms:

  • diastemas (gaps in one’s front teeth) – there’s no doubt that orthodontic treatment can be very effective, too, but ask yourself: are you ready to have brackets for at least 12 months? If the answer is no lumineers are an ideal alternative to orthodontic treatment for you! Lumineers dentistry abroad is quite expensive, while here in Ukraine it’s one of the most affordable methods of diastema treatment.
  • Enamel cracks and chips – if you drink a really cold liquid or have some hot food temperature contrasts can lead to cracks, and mechanical outer action can cause chips. As a result, dentine exposure and further on cavities.
  • Spots of any etiology – they are often caused by fluorosis that appears as a result of long-term incomes of fluoride compounds. The best decision for this unpleasant problem is to install cheap lumineers (abroad they cost a lot, but here in Ukraine the prices are quite affordable). Yet, other methods of spots treatment cost no less.
  • Old fillings that have changed their color with time – even the best materials get dark with time as long as they absorb color pigments from food. Moreover, the color of any artificial teeth and fillings gets worse because of smoking. Lumineers can solve this complicated problem at once.

Where to install lumineers and how much it costs?

Hellas Dental specialists will pick up the most suitable color and install lumineers very quickly. You will be positively surprised by the prices, as far as anesthesia, all medical manipulations and lumineers installation itself cost from 370 GBP.
You can get all the information by addressing our specialists by the number +38 048 734 00 43. Yet you can send a request from our web-page.

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