Digital teeth diagnostics


Digital teeth diagnosticsToday teeth digital tomography is one the most accurate and safest methods of 3D diagnostics in a dental clinic. 3D dental scanner provides all the necessary data on a patient’s oral system that can be used for the further diagnostics and treatment planning. Digital 3D diagnostics is necessarily used while implants placing, when the surgeries consider artificial restoration and orthodontic treatment.

It’s hard to overestimate all the advantages of dental radiography in implantology, as it only takes a dentist a couple of minutes to get all the information about jawbones, their density and sizes.

Moreover, 3D dental imaging of teeth and jaws is used for

  • Detecting hidden cavities,
  • Detecting defects in sets of teeth and teeth that don’t come through,
  • Detecting abnormal growth,
  • Diagnostics for traumas,
  • Detecting infected spots,
  • Implantation pre-modelling.

And, the last, but not the least: digital dental X-ray is used afterwards – to monitor the quality of the treatment done.

X-ray and 3D diagnostics for teeth treatment with a radiovisiograph

Very shortly 3D diagnostics became a piece of cake due to radiovisiographs. These devices are able to recognize X-ray, transform it into a digital image and then put it on a computer screen. Unlike old X-ray devices, modern radiovisiographs spread minimum of radiation. It became possible due to a special sensor that makes the exposition time extremely short when taking a photo.

Hellas Dental clinic: professional teeth treatment with computer diagnostics‎ in Ukraine

Computer teeth diagnostics in our clinics is run with the help of the latest 3D computer tomograph SkyView produced by the Italian company MyRay. This device is able to take the clearest 3D images of the highest quality.

Its construction makes it possible to scan a patient’s teeth when lied down. Straight after that computer teeth tomography starts. Just a single circle exposition lets a doctor get any projection at any angle, so he can diagnose a patient precisely. By projection we mean a panoramic view of jaws and teeth or an image of a selected part of a teeth set.

Teeth and jaws computer diagnostics: prices

Computer tomography of jaws and teeth is frequently used by the Hellas Dental clinic specialists.

The price is quite affordable – just 25GBP.

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