Tooth diagnostics and treatment under the microscope


Dental diagnostics and treatment under the microscope is quite new, however, due to its’ numerous advantages it has become very popular and has been used in high-level dental clinics all over the world.

The main advantage of dental treatment with a microscope is that a dentist is able to get the fullest information about the current dental cavity state, including mucous membrane, gums, teeth and root canals. So, these pieces of information will be then used to provide the most efficient minimally invasive treatment.

Endodontic treatment under the microscope

The microscope at the Hellas Dental Clinic patients’ disposal is capable of twenty fivefold image zooming. That allows the Clinic’s dentist to solve the most complicated and specific tooth issues:

  • to indicate the tiniest defects of the tooth tissue which are invisible to the naked eye and are not seen in the X-ray photos;
  • to detect cavities in the very beginning of its’ progressing – so it can be treated under the microscope immediately, even when there’s no need in using a drill bit;
  • to diagnose precisely, basing on the research results;
  • to treat tooth carefully, removing just the damaged tissues, leaving the healthy ones and not touching the tooth nerve. Only when treated under the microscope, the patients can be sure that their damaged bone tissue is carefully removed and will never become a new site of contamination;
  • to involve other specialists and assistants into the treatment process – as far as the picture from the microscope is being transferred on a big screen that is available for other clinic staff;
  • to do tooth filling with a maximum accuracy: all the layers of materials will be stuck together precisely, without any mismatches or cracks. That will significantly increase the filling service life;
  • to provide every patient with an effective microscopic root canal treatment and to guarantee its’ highest quality.

Tooth diagnostics and treatment under the microscope in Odessa

Hellas Dental clinic uses exclusively the most modern approaches for treatment of root canals under the microscope and other dental operations.

If you are interested in the most effective European and American tooth treatment techniques, please feel free to contact the clinic via online feedback form or by calling the number: +38 048 734 00 43.

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