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Hellas Dental is one of the leading dental clinics in the city, that aims to always be the first to implement the most modern methods of treatment into its daily practice.

Affordable dental tourism takes a special place in the clinic’s activities. That’s why throughout the years the clinic has been collected such a rich experience of treatment the most demanding European and American patients. The clinic offers them professional dental treatment abroad, when a dentist in a Ukrainian clinic does all the necessary treatment, while the patients are on dental holidays.

Hellas Dental clinic is supplied with exclusively European equipment. When treating our patients, we use the best materials, produced in Germany, France and Italy, as long as our doctors have been constantly participating professional trainings according to the European and American protocols and standards of dentistry in Ukraine. That’s why Hellas Dental is a perfect dental clinic abroad for you!

Hellas Dental clinic provides the full complex of dental services. Our stuff speaks English and other European languages, so our foreign patients can easily contact them to know more about low cost dentistry abroad.

Hellas Dental clinic: dental vacations in Odessa, Ukraine

For its patients from abroad Hellas Dental clinic offers such a kind of dental treatment outside of the city as dental tourism. Instead of going to your local dentist you have a special course of dental treatment in Odessa, Ukraine, that includes such services, as:

  • Preliminary remote diagnostics basing on the data provided by analyses and tests, X-rays, etc. If necessary, one of the Hellas Dental specialists will contact your current dentist to specify your diagnosis by Skype or any other means of communication (including such mobile messengers as WhatsApp and Viber).
  • Preliminary remote agreement on a treatment plan with your dentist from Hellas Dental clinic, including the date of your arrival, schedule of your visits to the clinic, treatment plan (the list of dental services in Odessa, Ukraine) and your further on departure. After all the necessary diagnostics in our clinic this plan can be changed, respectively.
  • Meeting at Odessa airport (or at any other Ukrainian airport) by a Hellas Dental English-speaking representative.
  • Transfer to a comfortable hotel (from *** up to ***** of your choice).

Here are some popular places of residence located not far from the clinic in the center of Odessa:



Yet, during your treatment in our dental clinic abroad you can stay in an apartment of your choice (from $40 a day).

Meeting and transfer services will cost you as follows:

  • Meeting at the airport with a special Hellas Dental clinic poster and transfer to your hotel by a comfortable car – from $25.
  • Transfer from the hotel to the clinic (as many times as many appointments with your doctor you have)
  • Escorting around the city — from $20 per hour
  • Transfer to the airport on the day of your departure after the treatment will be finished – from $25
  • Tours around the city and along the Black sea coast – from $45.


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