Treatment for pulpitis: prices in Ukraine


In cases of pulpitis in children any contacts of pulp with dental instruments can be extremely painful. That’s why they should be treated with under anesthesia, which methods are chosen depending on a child’s age, emotional state or any accompanying diseases. […]

Professional root resection in Ukraine


Root apex resection is prescribed when the source of inflammation is located on the upper part of a tooth root, that is impossible to be treated therapeutically, because of the intussusception of the root canals. Cystectomy is a low-traumatic surgery done with local anesthesia by a surgical dentist, who removes the end of the tooth. […]



Cheilitis is a diagnosis combining lips diseases, their mucous membrane and red contour. In children cheilitis is often accompanied by allergic dermatosis. Angular cheilitis is one of the most common diseases that can have acute or chronical forms. […]