Our staff


Specialists of the Hellas Dental clinic work for making future technologies real. We have been trying to be the first to implement the newest methods of treatment. Hellas Dental is a team of the highest level professionals, who never stop developing and getting to know new technologies. Therefore, the whole specter of dental services is available at our clinic. Hellas Dental combines the latest technologies and methods of treatment with the most modern equipment and staff’s professionalism. That’s why our clinic is considered to be one of the most progressive in the whole country.

Clinic’s specialists regularly take part in the activities of such national communities and organizations, as:

  • Ukrainian Dental implantologists Association,
  • Ukrainian Dental Association,
  • Hellenic Association of Companies and Businessmen in Ukraine,
  • Ukrainian Endo Society.

Being located in Odessa, the Hellas Dental clinic creates a special atmosphere of trust and confidence that helps patients to relax. Our specialists are capable of explaining the essence of a problem, making plans on how to get rid of it and giving further detailed recommendations for home care. We always work with joy and pleasure, and never forget about being polite and giving attention to every patient.

Every specialist working at the Hellas Dental clinic providing dental services has deep knowledge and all the skills required by his specialization. We never stop knowing something new and rising the level of our professionalism – that’s why we always keep moving forward.

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