Hellas Dental clinic staff know that sterility is an obligatory condition for effective and safety dental treatment. Therefore, the staff guarantees you following all the requirements of the Sanitary Control Services.

All reusable dental inventory is sterilized, and this process is always a subject of the quality control. After being processed, the equipment is packed in sterilized bags that are to be opened only in the patient’s presence.

Dental equipment used by the Hellas Dental specialists have such special sterilizing devices, as “Anti-AIDS” and “Anti-hepatitits”.

All the rooms and cabinets of our clinic are daily sterilized with modern bactericidal devices and equipment.

The Hellas Dental clinic pays no less attention to dental procedures safety, as well. For example, treatment for cavities and other dental diseases is provided with a cofferdam only. It’s kind of a disposable latex “curtain” that not only provides the filling material from wet breath and saliva, but also prevents a patient’s oral cavity from any accidental contact with medicines and other chemical substances used during the treatment.