Hellas Dental is one of the leading dental clinics in the city, that always aims to be the first to implement the most modern methods of treatment into its daily practice.

Affordable dental tourism takes a special place in the clinic’s daily routine. That’s why throughout the years the clinic has been collected such a rich experience of treatment the most demanding European and American patients. The clinic offers them professional dental treatment abroad, when a dentist in a Ukrainian clinic does all the necessary treatment, while the patients are on dental holidays.

Hellas Dental clinic is supplied with exclusively European equipment. When treating our patients, we use the best materials, produced in Germany, France and Italy, as long as our doctors have been constantly participating professional trainings according to the European and American protocols and standards of dentistry in Ukraine. That’s why Hellas Dental is a perfect dental clinic abroad for you!

Hellas Dental clinic provides the full complex of dental services. Our stuff speaks English and other European languages, so our foreign patients can easily contact them to know more about low cost dentistry abroad.